「I can (not) handle this」Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

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I can (not) handle this
会期:2023年1月19日(木) – 2023年3月5日(日)
開館時間:10:00〜18:00 (月曜定休日)

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 1フロア

The exhibition I can (not) handle this is an attempt to comprehend the little explored areas of the wild creative thirst for self-expression, where often works are created without artistic intent. Whether it is an attempt to cope with an obsession that haunts you, a desire to escape from reality, or just an attempt at collecting that grows to uncontrollable proportions (amounts)…

I can (not) handle this is a statement about various kinds of obsessions pursued by artists, but which, at the same time, elude the direct legitimising pressure of the art market and discursive contexts.

I can (not) handle this denies any canons of established aesthetics and generally accepted understanding of art. All kinds of obsessions are welcome here. Even yours!


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